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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wedding Wonder of the Week! Little Cakes

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

Today's Wedding Wonder of the Week is the delicious and spectacular Little Cakes!

  • Tell me a bit about yourself and your company
I started LittleCakes back in February 2011, and I never expected it to grow so quickly.

I work from home in the historic market town of Uppingham in the tiny county of Rutland but cover the whole of the East Midlands and beyond. Each cake is designed to order, so every Little Cakes customer gets a little piece of edible art unique to them.

It’s also really important to me to use top quality ingredients, with the emphasis being on local and organic ingredients. So the flour I use is organic, and is milled locally in an old, traditional water mill; eggs are free range and from a local farm; butter is always organic and preferably British; sugar is UK-grown or Fairtrade. I also try to support local businesses too, buying ingredients and equipment from smaller local companies where possible to do my bit to boost the local economy.

  • Are you married? If no: do you have a secret wedding wish list?
No, I’m still waiting for a certain someone to pop the question! When we do get married, it will certainly be something non-traditional, off the wall and a bit quirky. We have a two year old daughter and plenty of children in the family, so whatever we do, there will be lots of children running around! And yes, I will make my own cake. Possibly even a series of cakes.

  • What attracted you to working in the wedding industry?
I love the romance of weddings and the whole creative process that a wedding cake requires. Planning can take days or even weeks, working on designs that tie in the various elements of each wedding, and that’s before the actual cake making begins, and that’s what I really enjoy. And it’s a real honour to be chosen to make a couple’s wedding cake, and such a privilege to contribute something towards their celebration.

  • What is your favourite part of working with bride & grooms (to-be)?
Meeting to chat all things wedding is always exciting, so I can get ideas to incorporate into designs, and I’ve yet to meet a couple who aren’t eager to taste some cakes!

  • What is your most favourite wedding theme at the moment?
Textural embellishments, often originating from details on the bride’s dress, including blossoms, pleats, drapes, pearls; all edible, of course.

  • Top wedding tip?
Bring as many details and images of the different elements of your wedding to your cake consultation, but whilst it’s great to have an idea of what cakes you like, don’t feel you have to find your dream cake image to give to your cake designer. A good designer should be able to listen to your likes and dislikes, tastes and style and design something unique to you (and within your budget) for your big day.

  • What do you think the next big wedding trends might be?
Stacked cakes with tiers of different heights; a ‘collection’ of two or three wedding cakes carrying the same theme and/or colour scheme; bolder non-traditional colours; fabric-inspired embellishments.

  • Where can we find your fabulous company?
You can find me on www.littlecakes.me.uk
and on Twitter @Little_Cakes_UK

  • What are your plans for the future?
Ultimately to open a cake studio from which to work, display cakes and meet with wedding clients. But short term, to throw out the rule book and get far more wildly creative!!!

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about Little Cakes and swooning over their amazing creations? My favourite I think has to be the black wedding cake - LOVE!!! It's just so different!

Love Kate x

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