big sparkly hello and welcome to my blog! I design and make Wedding Stationery www.katelewisdesign.co.uk
My blog is a little bit 'higgledypiggledy' (and no doubt full of spelling mistakes) but I see this as my digital sketchbook - disorganised, but a little bit special! Within my blog there is a lot of wedding loveliness and plenty of fabulous things & people that I love!
I hope you enjoy my ramblings.......love Kate x

About me

A bit about me. . . . . . .

   . . . . . . I have always loved art and design. Even as a child I was always “creating” at the kitchen table with pots of paints, tubs of glue and all sorts of glitter, paper and anything sparkly!
To be honest not much has changed; other than I’ve graduated from an overflowing kitchen table to my design studio! (And unfortunately I’ve grown out of my much loved red apron!)

I started my career as an assistant fashion designer straight from my A-Levels. I quickly learned that I needed a higher qualification to move up the career ladder, which led me to Art College.
Since graduating with an HND in fashion design from the class of ’99 I’ve had an exciting and fortunate career. From retail management, owning my own clothes shop and back to designing for the fashion and gift industry. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled the world to some of the most inspiring places; Hong Kong, New York and Barcelona being my favourites!

However I’ve always been drawn back to the place I call home; Macclesfield in Cheshire. My studio is in a beautiful rural location with views of peaceful fields and the amazing hills of the peak district in the distance. I can “create” to my hearts content!

Having recently got married I realised how important every little detail is and your Wedding Stationery is no exception to that. I have the experience and the dedication to produce your wedding stationery to the highest of standards.
Think of me as your “fairy stationer” . . . . . your wedding stationery wish is my command! Because I design and produce everything myself, I can easily adapt and change most of my ranges to suit your individual needs. I rarely produce any two weddings the same. So please get in touch if you’d like to change or personalise any of my designs.

Enjoy planning your wedding it really will be the best day ever!
Love Kate x