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Monday, 8 August 2011

Featured! Wedding Ideas Magazine issue 99

Hearing that thud on the doormat is all it takes for me to rush to see what post has arrived, and one excited squeal later I have the new issue of Wedding Ideas Magazine in my glittery little hands!!

Eeeek - I've had no less than 5 of my wedding stationery products featured this month. Whoop!!!

So here you go these are the Kate Lewis Design products featured in Wedding Ideas magazine:

Issue 99 - out now!

 Place Card from the Sparkle Bouquet range.

 Table Number from the Roses range.

 Table Plan from the Fairy Couple range.

 Place Card from the 3D Butterfly range.

Table Number from the Butterfly Swoosh range.

It's a fabulous issue, I especially LOVE the "One-of-a-kind" Homemade Wedding on pages 212 - 213. If you  are getting married (or if you know anyone who is) this is a must buy issue!

Looking forward to sharing my first "Wedding Wonder of the Week" with you on Wednesday - I have a real gem lined up.

Kate x

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