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Friday, 5 August 2011

....and so i blog!

On a rather grey Friday morning I have taken the plunge into the (quite scary) world of blogging! Wish me luck!
First I should introduce myself and my work; I'm Kate, a designer. I draw and make things that people seem to like. I have a Wedding Stationery website if you'd like to have a nosy - I'm actually a little bit proud of it www.katelewisdesign.co.uk
I started making wedding stationery after I made the wedding invitations for our wedding. I realised how much I loved both designing and making them! Although I am from a fashion design background I have had a lot of graphic design experience over the years, which I think makes my style quite unique and quite different to the typical wedding stationery you find out there already.
I have over 30 ranges all of which include: save the date cards, wedding invitations, evening invitations, civil partnership invitations, RSVP cards, information cards, order of ceremony, table plans, place cards, table numbers, menus, favour tags, thank you cards and I have just started to introduce spiral bound guest books.
These are a few of my designs:

Butterfly Swoosh Wedding Invitation

Bride and Groom Wedding Invitation
Appliqué Cake Wedding Invitation
I love to add a touch of sparkle using Swarovski crystals, sequins or glitter!
I am looking forward to blogging about some of my most favourite people. A couple of sneak previews to my plans are:
"Friday Feature" this will be a new feature on a fabulous person or company or just something 'amazing' that I have to share with you! And guess what.....it will be featured on Friday!

"Wedding Wonder of the Week!" this will be a wedding based feature sharing with you some of my favourite companies from the wedding industry.

So please get in touch if you'd like to be considered for any of these features!
Email me at kate@katelewisdesign.co.uk

Happy Friday everyone!
Love Kate x


  1. I love the look of your new blog Kate - looking forward to reading more posts soon :) x

  2. thanks Nicky I have lots in mind, have just found my first "Wedding Wonder of the Week!" (for next week).
    Kate x

  3. Can't wait for the Friday features.....X

  4. Anyone getting married should have your Wedding stationary. You did such an amazing job on ours and we just loved working with you :)

    James Robinson-Todd


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