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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Help Sara & Stu win a wedding!!!

Today I'd like to ask you lovely lot for your much needed help for a school friend from my home town  Macclesfield..............Sara & Stu have made it to the finals of Silk FM's "Win Your Wedding" but now they need all the votes they can get to be in with a chance of winning their wedding!

The voting opens on Monday 10th September 2012 so leading up to then, they have a Facebook group which they're asking as many people to join as possible so they can get all the up to date information out in one place - CLICK HERE to join their Facebook group so you'll be ready to vote on Monday!

I asked Sara for a little bit of their background so you can get to know them and see that it really would be fantastic if they could win their wedding! 

Here's what Sara had to say:

"I had started working at the Tytherington Club as a waitress and, as is the norm in the industry, there is always a lot of banter between chefs and waiters. Stu was a chef, funny hard working and a loveable rogue. He was easy to get on with and was always telling jokes and playing tricks on the other chefs. He was 20 and I was 24 and neither of us were in a relationship we even joked that if we didn't meet someone by the age of 30 we'd get together! (Typical film episode!!) 
We would stay up till the early hours watching films but were still only friends. We arranged to go ice-skating with friends, but our friends let us down. Typical hey!! So we went together Stu was an ice-skating pro showing off going at the speed of lightening around the rink. Where as I was clinging onto the side for dear life and when I did venture out I fell on my arse several times. lol. He helped me up and tried to give me some pointers, he even held my hand going round the rink to steady me. That is when I knew he was the man for me. So we went on our first date; bowling, fish & chips and a drive, ending in a 11 year relationship. 
We now have 2 wonderful children Luke is nearly 4 and Eliza is 4 months, last August Stu proposed. Why did it take him so long I hear you ask? Well it takes Stu several hours to choose a pair of shoes he is that indecisive. We went back to Yorkshire for a night out for our 10 year anniversary. We went for a fabulous meal and a comedy club - a rare night out even with one child. It was amazing and back at the hotel Stu got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. 

It’s been a rollercoaster of a relationship, we both suffered with depression after Luke was born and pilled on the weight; me coming in at a hefty 18st 2lb and Stu 14st. I tried dieting on my own with some success but when Stu joined me as a support (because he didn't think it would work for him) we really took off and we have now both lost 3 stone each. Stu is target member at slimming world and although I still have more weight to loose I know I have Stu's support to do it!! 
Stu & Sarah since their weight loss - looking gorgeous!
We entered the silk fm competition in the hope of winning as saving for a wedding is near impossible with two children especially as I am studying to do a degree at MMU.
As we have both done so well with our weight loss it would be amazing to feel like a princess for the day! Stu is Scottish originally from Dundee and we would love a traditional Scottish wedding - kilts and everything!! Luke would look so cute in a kilt. Voting opens on Monday 9am and people can vote by going on www.silk1069.com "

It will only cost you a very small portion of your time and really would make a world of difference to Sara & Stu if they won! Go on do something lovely - it'll put a smile on your face!

Love Kate x

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  1. hi kate thank you so much for the blog. i have made a bit of a boo boo. as we are not couple number 4.. but if people go onto our group i'll update them on monday. listen in tomorrow at 8:15 on silk106.9fm. thanks for the support.
    sara xx


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