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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wedding Wonder of the Week - Samantha Whitehead-Young Wedding Design

 Happy Wednesday!

Today's Wedding Wonder of the Week is the lovely Samantha from Samantha Whitehead-Young Wedding Design

·         Tell me a bit about yourself and your company.
I started my career co-ordinating many exciting and innovative weddings in the hospitality industry as a Wedding and Events Manager. It was through this that my passion for weddings grew and Samantha Whitehead-Young Wedding Design was established in 2003. That passion has not faded over all these years and every wedding is different which makes for an exciting and interesting life 
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We offer couples many services to assist in the planning of their wedding from an hour consultation to full wedding planning 
We are a supplier-independent therefore we are not tied to any specific allegiances or interests allowing us to create the perfect occasion without compromise. We have however over the years built a lot of relationships with local and national suppliers to help save you money. We negotiate the best prices possible and pass on all discounts and benefits to our clients through our clear accounting system . In fact, these cost savings quite often negate the cost of our fees altogether.
We understand that it is the couples wedding day, and follow their wishes to the letter creating the day that they dreamed of without all the stress that is inevitably involved.
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·         Are you married?
o       If no: do you have a secret wedding wish list?

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No I am not married:)) 

I have planned many beautiful weddings both large and small, for me personally I would prefer a small ceremony with close friends and family in a church that I could walk to.

I love the outdoors and nature so an al fresco wedding breakfast using stunning views as a backdrop with huge ice buckets of champagne

Followed by a huge reception party with lots of trees wrapped in fairy lights and candles lighting the area in their soft hues
Huge outdoor sofas for guests to lounge on and live music to dance the night away under the stars

The most important aspect would be that it was very relaxed and everyone would enjoy themselves sharing in the celebration of what the day was about.

·         What is your favourite part of working with bride & grooms (to-be)?
The excitement of the upcoming day, the love between the couple and knowing that they are enjoying the planning process of their wedding stress free.

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·         What is your most favourite wedding theme at the moment?

So many.... All out classic glamour : silvers and whites, oversized candelabras, crystals, calligraphy and sumptuous floral arrangements. Keep it simple and elegant for a fabulously breathtaking glamour theme.

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·         Top wedding tip?

Organisation, organisation, organisation:) A well organised wedding is a successful wedding!

·         What do you think the next big wedding trends might be?

Looking at the 2013 bridal gown shows, the influence of the vintage theme still remains strong including vintage Hollywood and the glamour of 1930’s Paris.

Bold colours will be a strong influence I feel with designers such as Vera Wang showcasing dresses in scarlet, crimson, vermillion and dahlia.

·         Where can we find your fabulous company?

Our main office is based in Northallerton in North Yorkshire, however we plan weddings all over the UK and beyond. 
And of course via the website, on Facebook and Twitter

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·         What are your plans for the future?

SWY is simply a wedding planning company, we dont do hire packages, we don’t sell stationery, we simply concentrate on what we do best and support brides and grooms along with their families in the planning process of their wedding. The future consists of us maintaining these ethos with many more couples and ensuring that they have the day of their dreams without any of the worry or stress.

Many thanks to Samantha for sharing all of this with us!

Love Kate x

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