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Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Feature! Sunshine & Daisies

Happy Friday! (thank Crunchie!)

Today you better be ready for super sparkly loveliness..........I've got the fabulous Miki from Sunshine and Daisies as my Friday Feature!

·         Tell us about you......who you are, what you like, what you don’t like…. Basically anything you want to share
I am Miki....mum, wife, sister, auntie & owner of Sunshine & Daisies! I love being all of those things & all of those things make me happy :) I also LOVE chocolate, my friends, my dogs, my cats & my hens. I don’t like marzipan, turkish delight or inconsiderate people :)

·         About your company......when, why and how you started, what your company does and why it does it best, where can we find you (email, website, shop, etc)
Miki has given me a fabulous ‘story’ of how they started, I couldn’t pick any ‘best bits’ as it’s all so cute…..so get a cuppa and read on….

“Once upon a time in 2006 we had the misfortune of meeting a thief of the worst kind…..a wine thief. Not content with draining one or 2 glasses she continued until all were empty under the guise of ‘Oh, I thought it was mine’. Enough, we thought, time to end this unforgivable misdemeanour…and so….we searched…and searched for some sort of identifier that was worthy of gracing our glasses.

Trouble is, what we found was either acrylic or not quite sparkly enough so we began the hunt for the best crystals & components. Then we found Swarovski crystals & Sunshine & Daisies was born. This put an end to misery & began identifying glasses in a twinkly, sparkly, luxurious (but very cost effective) way that only Swarovski & Sunshine & Daisies combined can do.

And so the wine thief was slayed and we all live happily ever after in our twinkly sparkly design studio………The End!

Well, not quite…that was just the beginning…..and from there Sunshine & Daisies has gone from strength to strength.

Quite simply, we love wine glass charms…we love making them, we love selling them, we love seeing our clients pictures & comments about how much they love them! We love that they are unique & that our clients visit our site because it is exactly what they want. Our web address means there’s no confusion as to what we sell & so our visitors are there because they want to be. We orignally set up from deepest darkest Dorset and we now charm away on the beautiful borders of Tyrone & Fermanagh. We ship internationally & although our main clients are UK based, our charms can be found in USA, Australia & all over Europe. You never know where in the world you might be a Sunshine & Daisies charm pops up on your glass stem!

We only use Swarovski crystals because we believe they are the best for sparkle & pzazz & that’s exactly what our clients deserve. Our collections are available as ‘off the peg’ designs in sets of 6. Currently there’s over 40 different styles, some with colour options, some with droppers, some without droppers & some with Tibetan silver charms. Prices range from just £12.95 a set to £26.50 for full on Swarovski decadence. We can also tailor make a package to suit any budget & have covered weddings, ruby anniversaries, birthday parties, christenings, Bar Mitzvah’s & even a funeral.

On our website, you’ll also find a few other gifty bits & bobs like Swarovski bookmarks, bouquet charms, keepsake charms & mobile charms plus Swarovski Table Crystals.

We are more than happy to provide quotes with absolutely no obligation whatsoever & it doesn’t matter if its for a single charm, a set of 20 or five hundred in bulk. We feel we’re big enough to cover events, but small enough to keep our attention personal to you. Our proven track record in delivery times, customer service & excellent standards are something we are very proud of. Every single order that leaves us is checked & tissue wrapped free of charge, so when your order reaches you, its as exciting for you to receive as it is for us to send.”

Email:- hello@wineglasscharms.co.uk

·         What or who inspires you?
My family inspire me to grow myself & build my business.

·         Top 3 on your wish list right now?
A bigger Eglu for my hens as we’ve just built them a new enormous enclosure & the little eglu looks lost!

An outside insulated dog kennel so my dogs can stay out all day & not have to be shut away indoors when I go out in case it rains (which is rather a lot here :))

To book a holiday to somewhere hot & sunny with my family for my 40th next July

·         Tell us your best/ funniest joke…………go on its Friday!
Paddy and Murphy are discussing what day Christmas falls on this year...Paddy says 'I'm sure its a Friday?'. 'Oh no!' says Murphy......'I hope it’s not the 13th? Hahaha (sorry, I’m easily amused!)

·         What do you have planned for this weekend?
It’s a bit of a family affair which is the perfect weekend for me. There’s definitely a trip to soft play as my eldest has spent all summer in plaster & this will be the 1st weekend he can go since the cast came off. Am also working on my new look website which I hope to have live by the end of September so that will feature as much as possible also.

·         Finally (thank Crunchie) what gives you that ‘Friday-Feeling’?
Friday is, without doubt, my favourite day of the week. It always has been since forever!! It’s the beginning of weekend fun time! My husband & I usually meet in the kitchen when we’ve finished work & share a bottle of wine whilst nattering about the weeks events...perfect!

I'd like to say a massive thanks to Miki for sharing all this, and also for keeping sparkly smiles flowing through Twitterland everyday!
It's my birthday in less than 2 weeks - I'd love some of these!! (Hint hint friends and family!)

I think we should all have at least one set of these to help combat wine theft!!
Have a fab Friday and enjoy the weekend.

Love Kate x

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