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Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Feature! JosyRose

Yippee it's Friday, time for my Friday Feature!

This week it's one of my favourite haberdasheries........JosyRose. Warning: enter the website at your own peril- you could spend HOURS looking at all their lovely things!

  • Tell us a bit about you......
JosyRose is an online haberdashery boutique, catering for all your contemporary fashion, interior and crafty needs!So, if you are an aspiring interior, craft or fashion designer wanting hot, up to the minute trends, or a primary school teacher in need of some sparkly shaped sequins for those rainy play times ... then JosyRose is the haberdashery boutique for you!
Crafts at JosyRose

We sell all the essential sparkling finishing touches you need, from fashion motifs to feather trimmings, to customize any hand-made project. Our collection covers haberdashery classics, craft, fashion, soft furnishings, scrapbooking, stage & jewellery making.

  • Tell us a bit about JosyRose and where we can find you....
JosyRose.Com - 'Make your Own' Boutique 
 Email: info@JosyRose.com 
Website: www.JosyRose.com 
Phone: 0845 450 1212 
 Follow us: 

  • What or who inspires you?
We are always inspired by our customers. We love hearing from our fans & customers, reading through comments, sharing top tips and viewing all the creative projects made using our JosyRose products. We are constantly impressed with the high standard of talent.
Fashion at JosyRose

  • Top 3 on your wish list right now?
We are in the process of adding the ‘Creative Community’ area to the JosyRose.com website. We wish & would love all of our fans to send in their favourite creative photos.
To be launched soon!
Jewellery Components at JosyRose

  • Tell us your best/ funniest joke…………go on its Friday!
I’m not much of a comedian. Our jokes are pretty ‘Sew-Sew!!!’

  • Finally (thank Chrunchie) what give’s you that ‘Friday-Feeling’?
Every other Friday the JosyRose team will bring in cakes & treats – the sugary goodies give us that Friday feeling! 

I'd like to say a massive thank you for Katy for sharing all this with us. I am a big fan of JosyRose for one thing Kate Lewis Design Wedding Stationery wouldn't be as sparkly without them!

Happy Friday all.
Love Kate x 

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