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Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Feature! I love Pantone!

Happy Friday!

Today's Friday Feature is all about my love for colour.....I LOVE Pantone! As a designer and a lover of all things original, new and inventive; technically speaking I should rebel against the rigid structure that is Pantone. But I don't. I love it. I have my favourite handful of Pantone colours - I know what will work and what won't! If you're a designer you must know where I'm coming from.......?
Pantone Swatches

If you are not familiar with the design world the whole Pantone thing may seem a bit weird, but you must have seen the recent influx of Pantone into everyone's lives - if not have you been hiding under a rock? There are Pantone mugs, purses, aprons, chairs, glasses, t-shirts, phones, notebooks, there's even a Pantone Hotel and a bike!!! Yes I did just say a bike.....see:
Pantone bike - from the Pantone Hotel website
My firm favourite out of all these amazing products is the good old Pantone mug. Every designer I know has one - whether they wanted it or not!

My first Pantone mug cracked so now I use it to keep all my pens in. It's one of my favourite things in my little studio. Here it is.....
I hope you share my love of colour and in particular Pantone.

Have a good Friday!
Love Kate x


  1. Great feature - Kate - we share your love for Pantone here - 2 mugs and a notebook and am lusting after an IPhone case! Am not telling James about the bike!

  2. Great article Kate. Thanks for the bigup ;)


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