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Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday Feature! Anna Dolan from Mootiful Gifts

Happy Friday all!

I'm so excited to be sharing my first ever "Friday Feature" with you........the very fabulous Anna Dolan from Mootiful Gifts.

  • Tell us about you......who you are, what you like, what you don’t like…. Basically anything you want to share...
I am Anna Dolan half of a sister double act who created Mootiful Gifts I love working with Emma (my sis) on new designs and products for our brand and seeing our ideas turn from sketches to actual gifts in our shop is very exciting. I like vintage shops, buttons, cream teas, my fellas cooking, laughing with friends, sunshine!  I don’t like rudeness, thieves, coffee cake, deep water, scary films, salad cream urghh!! 
  • Tell us a bit about your company......when, why and how you started, where can we find you, etc....
Our company Mootiful Gifts is a design-led gift shop in the heart of Macclesfield; we design and hand-paint/make gifts for all occasions births, christenings, birthdays, engagements ,anniversaries, weddings … 

Both myself and my sister come from textile backgrounds which we studied many moons ago I went on to study fashion design and Emma became a freelance designer. In our spare time we would sell our products on local market stalls and craft fairs the response was so good in 2000 we took the leap and opened our first gift shop. Due to the success of our products in 2004 we decided to grow our brand and sell to the trade market which allowed our gifts to be sold in outlets all over the U.K and Ireland.
The totally gorgeous Mootiful Gifts, Macclesfield.

Our company is unique, as everything we hand-paint/make can be personalised and designed bespoke for the customers wishes, whatever ideas a customer has we can create a gift for them.

Come and visit and have a mooch! 
You can find us here at: 3 Queen Victoria St, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 6LP (opposite the TSB)

Check us out on www.mootiful.com

Join our herd on Twitter @mootifulgifts
Give us a moo info@mootiful.com  or 01625 500613

  • What or who inspires you?

Travelling to a different country inspires me I love nothing more than going on mini adventures immersing myself into new cultures and surroundings I love old buildings and can spend hours quite happily wandering around towns and cities taking it all in. Other artists/designers inspire me every trade show I go to especially the BCTF in Harrogate I am still amazed of the talent we have in this country there is always something new and exciting to see and it makes me proud to be British.

  • Top 3 on your wish list right now?
A holiday!!!  A british bulldog called Ralph  A lottery win - wouldn’t we all!

  • Tell us your best/ funniest joke…………go on its Friday!

Where do cows go on holiday?       Moo York!  I know that’s terrible but I had to get a cow joke in!

  • What do you have planned for this weekend?

My fella is a chef so not many weekends spent together but happy to say he is off on Sunday so thinking lazy Sunday lunch in a pub is needed. (Oh and a couple of cheeky vinos well it would be rude not to!)

  • Finally (thank Chrunchie) what give’s you that ‘Friday-Feeling’?
A nice ice cold glass of prosecco  but not too many as I have to open the shop in the morning and always regret the “just one more!”

I am udderly over the moon to be the first Friday Feature for the very lovely, talented Kate Lewis. 

Thanks so much to Anna for sharing a bit about her life with us. LOVE the cow joke! And ooh prosecco - is it wine o'clock yet.......If you are ever in the Cheshire area you have to go and have a 'mooch' in Mootiful - it's a gorgeous shop and the personalised gifts that Emma & Anna make are truly stunning, plus they have some other amazing products from Gisela Graham, Claire Ogden Jewellery, Think Pink, to name just a few!

Hope everyone has a great Friday, stay safe
Love Kate x

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  1. I love Mootiful!!! This is an excellent first Friday Feature well done Ladies!! x


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