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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wedding Wonder of the Week! Wrapper Star

Happy Wednesday!

Today I have a really special Wedding Wonder to share with you. Ally from WrapperStar. I first met Ally at the Ice The Cake Awards 2011 after collaborating together to produce some charity 'raffle ticket chocolate bars' - I did the design, Ally made them up into the amazing bars! Since then we have kept in touch through the crazy world of Twitter!
And a few months ago we decided to pool our resources and team up together officially! So now you can get Kate Lewis Designed yummy chocolate bars from WrapperStar! So maybe I am little biased in my opinion that Ally is herself a star, but read on and I'm sure you'll see why.....

  • Tell me a bit about yourself and your company.
I’m Ally; busy chocoholic mum of two aka WrapperStar. I create personalised chocolate bars which are perfect for any occasion! The majority of my work is in the world of weddings though you can just as easily find me creating goodies for children’s parties anniversaries or corporate events.

  • Are you married?
I am married, & just finalising our plans for next May as we will be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary (where have those 10 years gone?!) We’ve booked a once-in-a-lifetime (grown-ups only) trip to Las Vegas to mark the milestone & are already getting very excited :)

We met at my cousin’s wedding & every year on their wedding anniversary I send them a card saying ‘Without the two of you, there wouldn’t be the four of us.’ It was the Groom & Best Man (my 2 cousins) who were at school with my hubby & engineered the seating plan.

Now that I work in the wedding industry I wish I could do it all again, calling on the talents of all the wonderful people I know & work with; so much has changed since I got married!

  • What attracted you to working in the wedding industry?
Before children I left my London career in Marketing to follow my passion for food & fulfilled a dream of running my own restaurant.  During those 5 years I have catered for/hosted many weddings/birthday parties/christenings/Christmas parties etc & I used to bake cakes / make party favours for people as a memento of their day & as a ‘thank you’ from us.  I’ve always been a complete romantic & loved weddings, so starting my business gave me the chance to combine my creative nature with my passion for making people smile while fitting around family life & still being linked with my favourite food – brilliant!

  • What is your favourite part of working with bride & grooms (to-be)?
Hearing their initial ideas & then creating something just for them…..I love their reaction to the end result & then hearing how the guests loved them makes me feel really proud.

  • What is your most favourite wedding theme at the moment?
Just loving ‘colours’ at the moment. I’ve done a lot of purple weddings recently yet every one is very different.  I create a wrapper to match a couple’s stationery or theme, so for me it’s all about seeing & understanding the theme for their day.

  • Top wedding tip?
Individually personalise your wedding favour chocolate bars to double up as your place settings; that way everyone has a very personal memento of your day to keep once they have scoffed the chocolate inside! 

  • What do you think the next big wedding trends might be?
I think it’s all going to be about colour…….I think Rainbow colours or strong colour combinations are gonna be big.

Kate Lewis Design "spotty butterfly" in rainbow colours - bars by WrapperStar

  • Where can we find your fabulous company? 
@WrapperStar on Twitter
Ally Jones on LinkedIn

  • What are your plans for the future?
I have a number of plans afoot teaming up with other wedding suppliers & launching some new Christmas & Children’s design ranges too……. Watch this space!

Photography credits to http://gentlevisions.co.uk/ 

What a fantastic product! And very yummy too! Don't hesitate to get in touch with Ally if you have a party or Wedding - or any other event - she's lovely and will supply you with just what you want!

Love Kate x

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