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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wedding Wonder of the Week! I Heart Buttons

A big hello on this sunny Wednesday morning! 

Today I have a real treat for anyone who loves: weddings, buttons, colour and anything totally gorgeous! My Wedding Wonder of the Week is I Heart Buttons.

•  Tell me a bit about yourself and your company.
I'm Lesa and I started making button bouquets after one randomly showed up in a google search one day.  It was love at first sight. I researched how to make them, bought some buttons and other materials and gave the result to a friend. One of her friends saw it and asked me to make one for her wedding. From there I opened an ebay shop, launched my website and started getting lots of enquiries.  From there, I Heart Buttons was born in July 2011 and has been going strong for nearly a year now.

• Are you married?
         •  If yes: will you share some of your details?
I am. 10 years ago I got married in Mauritius.  Being totally honest, it was all a bit of a blur. It didn't take a lot of planning and was a small wedding with my parents, my husbands parents and three friends. My only regret is that I didn't know about button bouquets then....

• What attracted you to working in the wedding industry?
The button bouquets. I come from a legal secretarial background and just stumbled across the button bouquets and it started from there. Now I am in the wedding industry, I love it. It's a bit more exciting than legal work ;)

• What is your favourite part of working with bride & grooms (to-be)?
Starting their bouquets. When I get the first reaction from seeing the buttons chosen, I love it. The brides are so excited. Some have even confided to say that this is the best part of their wedding planning (and one bride said it was more exciting that the actual marriage) lol!

• What is your most favourite wedding theme at the moment?
I don't have a favourite but I love to be able to really go to town with my bouquets so anything that is bold and perhaps a little unusual is fantastic.

• Top wedding tip?
I had my eye on the most gorgeous wedding dress - when it came to trying it on, it was just ok. The lady in the shop showed me a dress that would suit, I wasn't too sure, but when it was on, it looked amazing so I would always say, no matter what you have in mind, let the shop give you some dresses to try on which in their opinion would suit you as they really do know their stuff.

• What do you think the next big wedding trends might be?
Button Bouquets!!! 

• Where can we find your fabulous company?  

• What are your plans for the future?
To spread the button love!  There are lots of exciting plans for the future and I hope to be sharing some very exciting news with you soon.

Thank you so much Lesa for letting me show how fantastic your button bouquets are! I have something in common with you - my only regret about my wedding was also not knowing about button bouquets!! I would have LOVED to have one of your beautiful creations, and what an amazing keepsake too! I'm intrigued about your new exciting news - let me know when you can share!

Love Kate x

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