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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wedding Wonder of the Week! Adore Photography

Happy Wednesday all! Today I have a cracker of a 'wonder' for you.......Mike from Adore Photography™. I first 'met' Mike in Twitterland and he's always been very supportive of my work, so I wanted to share some of his fantastic work with you!

  • Tell me a bit about yourself and your company.
Hello! My name is Mike Litchfield and I run adore photography™. I studied photography and design 14 years ago. It was a great education and enabled me to spend a lot of time in studios and in darkrooms. Away from college I assisted various wedding and portrait photographers in Nottingham and Derbyshire. But my career headed down the design route, where I spent 10 years working as a graphic designer in studios and agencies. The photography skills often helped, as I shot a lot of images for the studio's clients. But 3 years ago the desire for self-employment proved too strong, I left the design agency and set up adore photography™ and Litchy™ - for graphic and web design services.

  • Are you married?
    • If no: do you have a secret wedding wish list?
No I'm not married. No I can't believe it either (tongue firmly in cheek!), but the only wish I have is that it is a nice and relaxed affair. Cheery, well designed little touches and decorations around the place. But most importantly that my bride, family and friends all have a good time. I know I will.

  • What attracted you to working in the wedding industry?
There are multiple reasons really. The biggest buzz, I think, is providing a couple with images that they are delighted with. Images that they feel have captured the spirit of their wedding, especially the bits they may have missed themselves.

  • What is your favourite part of working with bride & grooms (to-be)?
You're in a very privileged position, close to what's happening at a very important time in people's lives. I shoot mostly reportage style; I hide myself in the background usually, so I can enjoy seeing the emotions of the bride and groom and how they change throughout the day. It's great to observe!

  • What is your most favourite wedding theme at the moment?
I love the vintage feel that some people are going for at the moment. Either all the way, or just vintage influenced. It makes for a nice relaxed atmosphere too.

  • Top wedding tip?

  • What do you think the next big wedding trends might be?
Good question! I tend to keep an eye on what happens in the States, where I have a few contacts, as I feel that has a big influence on trends over here. With the Jubilee happening and the way the economy is, I think 'vintage' may become more 'mainstream'. But I just think that weddings are becoming more of a personal experience and a reflection of the bride and groom's personalities. That’s how I think it should be, really.

  • Where can we find your fabulous company? 
The website is at www.adorephotography.co.uk
But you can interact with the photography business at www.facebook.com/adorephotography & www.twitter.com/adorephoto
If you're interested there's also a bit more at http://about.me/mikelitchfield

  • What are your plans for the future?
To keep building both businesses and possibly move into a few other areas. I think there are numerous possibilities for adore photography™, including taking on more photographers and offering other wedding services, whilst maintaining my own vision. I'm always interested in hearing people's views and suggestions, so if your readers have any I would love to hear them.
Immediate future plans are getting out into this sunshine though!

Thank you so much to Mike for taking the time to share all of this with us! I hope this encourages you to check out Mike's website where you can marvel at more of his captivating photographs!

I'd also love to know your thoughts!

Love Kate x

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