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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wedding Wonder of the Week: Philosophy Flowers

Happy Wednesday all!

Today I have an utterly gorgeous company to introduce you to; Philosophy Flowers. I stumbled upon these fab girls on Twitter not so long ago and instantly 'clicked' with them, I think it was the lure of the beautiful butterfly they use as their 'symbol'.......which incidentally Rebecca had at her own wedding scattered around bushes for decoration. Just gorgeous!
I'm over the moon that Philosophy Flowers are my Wedding Wonder of the Week so here you go......


  • Tell me a bit about yourself and your company.
Philosophy Flowers was formed by two sisters, Sarah and Rebecca. We have both always had a keen interest in floristry and pursued something that was once a hobby into something more when our eldest sister married in 2005. Once we were fully qualified we decided to focus on wedding floristry which enables us to offer a very focused and personalised service to the bride and groom.  Being freelance wedding florists enabled us to be more specialised in style and trends of the industry, it’s all in the details. As our first client was our sister we have always aimed to make our bride and grooms feel part of the Philosophy family. As we are a two person team we only ever work on one wedding at a time so a couple get our undivided attention and love.

  • Are you married and if so will you share some of your details?
Rebecca married Mark in 2009. We decided to have an intimate ceremony and breakfast with 45 close friends and family. The reception was held in Rebecca’s parent’s garden in a marquee followed by an evening reception at the Castlefield Rooms where we were joined by more friends and extended family. Highlights of the day was an insane down pour, our fantastic band at the evening reception but most of all our vintage black and ivory double decker bus we used to ferry our guests from venue to venue. The flowers of course were our favourite flower of all time, peonies and we mixed in muted foliage and herbs, sweet avalanche roses, Spanish moss and sweet William. We wanted to have a classic but vintage theme so opted for a black and white colour theme with pink flowers. We went to town on the flowers for the evening reception trying to create an old ‘Italiano’ feel. We used various props to contain the flowers such as candelabras, urns and birdcages.  My favourite thing of all was my bouquet which was a simple hand tie of pink and white peonies, with a few sprigs of rosemary for added fragrance.

  • What attracted you to working in the wedding industry?
We have also had a keen eye for detail and wedding flowers open up the opportunity to work on something beautiful themes. What better way to showcase beautiful flowers and displays than in a grand wedding venue with a captive audience, who want to soak up the whole atmosphere. We also thrive under pressure and wedding flowers are certainly quite a pressured area of the industry. Working with live flowers that all need individual preparation, handling, care and attention certainly has its moments! But our experience allows us to work with each flower to ensure it reaches the venue in perfect condition. There is also nothing more lovely than handing a bride her bouquet on the morning of her wedding and to see her cry with joy as we have created exactly what she has been picturing and more. Although we certainly don’t aim to make bride’s cry!

  • What is your favourite part of working with bride & grooms (to-be)?
It’s always lovely to meet with brides and grooms especially from the floral aspect, sitting down together and going over their ideas and getting their creative juices flowing. I think during our consultations we give the bride and groom the opportunity to envisage their wedding day. A big part of our job is coaxing out little details from a client that could really give their wedding flowers a real wow factor. How we achieve expectations and beyond is very rewarding.

  • What is your most favourite wedding theme at the moment?
Of course the recent trend for all things vintage and shabby chic has been lovely to work to as every bride’s vision and take in it is slightly different. The chance to incorporate lots of typically English flowers into pretty natural looking display has been fantastic. However, our favourite recently was a wedding we travelled to Hickling in Norfolk for as the bride really embraced her country / farming roots and wanted a really natural look. Using lots of glass pots and jars, jugs and milk urns with fantastic flowers, thistles and herbs was amazing. The journey down to Norfolk with a husband who suffers from hay fever was interesting though!

  • Top wedding tip?
Part of our aim in setting up and creating our website and facebook page was to impart as much neutral advice as possible to any potential couples that may be looking for wedding inspiration, even if they don’t use us for their flowers. As such this is why we try to give a Wedding Flowers tip every day if possible. We also use our blog and facebook page to keep any visitors up to date with all the styles and wedding trends that we hope they would find useful.
However we think that our number 1 tip would be that no matter what your budget and theme if you are resourceful and do as much homework as possible then your florist will be able to perfectly create your dream flowers. The more information you can give us at your consultation the more creative we can be in relation to your theme.

  • What do you think the next big wedding trends might be?
We feel the recent claim that the ‘vintage wedding trend is dead’ is a little off the mark but we do see a move towards more understated classic glamour. Think Audrey Hepburn and we don’t think you will be far from the mark. However, we always try to steer our clients to a vision that perfectly encapsulates their style and inspiration. Wedding trends are there to give brides and grooms inspiration for what kind of wedding they ‘could’ have. By keeping abreast of these latest trends we can offer advice on what elements could work for a given bride’s style and vision.

  • Where can we find your fabulous company?
We are actually located in a little town called Atherton (in Manchester) but generally our working locale is the whole of the Manchester region, Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire. As mentioned before we have travelled as far as Norfolk and have also completed a number of weddings in Yorkshire.  As freelance florists we don’t actually have a shop front so to speak of so we travel to clients to for our consultations. We think this helps to keep brides relaxed and at ease during their initial meeting with us.

  • What are your plans for the future?
Without doubt we have a vision of opening our own little shop sometime in the future. We do feel the location and time needs to be right to do this though as we hope to offer not just wedding flowers but also our hand made items. At the moment we make wooden love hearts, card boxes, post boxes and pedestals so our brides can also hire those to complete their day. As we also have glassware, birdcages, candelabras etc our shop would be a real treasure trove of wedding style when we eventually open it. We also would love to run flower workshops as we really want to pass our skills on also. A lovely bonus would be if we can some how incorporate a cake / tea room as well this would perfectly complete our vision. We can only dream!

I'd like to say a huge thanks to these lovely girls for sharing all of this with us, and also to wish them every success for the future I'm sure they will go far!

Love Kate x

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  1. A lovely big thank you to Kate for sharing our little story and business on her site. x We are really proud to be her Wedding Wonder of the Week.

    Rebecca & Sarah.


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