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Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Feature! Made by Miss Mower

Today's Friday Feature is slightly later than usual on account of it being Remembrance Day 2011. We will never forget.....

I have an utterly adorable girl to introduce you to today......Chloe from Made by Miss Mower. I had the great pleasure of working with Chloe many moons ago, and she was a constant ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull and dreary place :) You WILL fall in love with Chloe and her work......fact!

  • About you......who you are, what you like, what you don’t like…. Basically anything you want to share
My name is Chloe Mower, I’m a Textiles teacher by day and a start up business by night (and school holidays).

I love all things vintage, for the home, for the body, for the mind and spirit! I don’t know if it is because I was born in the wrong era or if my naivety craves a simpler way of life. I like when people smile at each other, open the door for someone and offer out their last Rolo. It gladdens the heart when I see an old couple walking hand in hand down the street kicking autumn leaves like they were still 18 years old. I really feel like we need to spread a little love these days and this is what I try to do, as a teacher, as a friend and through lovely dresses!

(Above is my model Caroline in two of my ‘Made by Miss Mower’ dresses)

I have always wanted to be a costume designer, I love making fancy dress costumes and I’m often the one making these for all my friends, I don’t take myself too seriously so I don’t mind looking ridiculous, as long as I’m having fun and laughing.

(Above is one of many costumes I have made for a themed party, this one happened to be Blackadder and I was Queenie. Next to this is my mad hatters tea party with two of my very brilliant and creative friends, Fiona and Drew and all our handmade hats)

  • About your company......when, why and how you started, what your company does and why it does it best, where can we find you (email, website, shop, etc)

Made by Miss Mower is about Vintage inspired clothing and home ware items which put that little bit of sunshine in your life. I love seeing people’s faces when they find the perfect dress that makes them want to twirl around until they get dizzy, so I thought why not be the one who makes those moments for people.

When and why it started: I’m completely obsessed with the incredible style and quality of clothing from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, the way the garments fit like a second skin, a skin which makes you look amazing and feel confident! I, like many others I’m sure, find it hard to find true vintage garments in my size, so it was after an unsuccessful vintage shopping trip that I decided to turn my frown upside down and put my talents to good use.

I make vintage inspired garments in a range of sizes, mostly they are one-off pieces as I offer a custom made service – with this customers can either choose one of my stock designs (changing elements if they wish), or bring me a picture of a garment they have seen and I then make the pattern to their measurements and the garment in their chosen fabrics. The beauty of this for the customer is that I then have their personalised pattern block saved and stored so I can make more garments for them in the future using just this block. It is almost like a personal vintage shop made just for you. I am currently designing a range of garments which link eras to body shape, so that customers can choose the vintage that is perfect for them.

I also make lovely home ware items so that your house can match your beautiful new clothes! I adore floral fabrics and polka dots so you will see a lot of this in my products, such as the reversible pinnies, oven gloves, British flag door stops and draft excluders. I also enjoy a good cushion, I often personalise these for customers by hand embroidering letters and shapes onto lovely vintage/kitsch fabrics.

Though my company is in its infancy there a numerous ways of contacting me;

  • What or who inspires you?
This could be a dangerous question, due to the fact that I am inspired by many people and things, but also that talking about people brings out the cheesy side of me.
The people in my life whom inspire me are;

My mum – Her strength of character is second to none, she had Cancer three years ago and she never once let it become her, there was no doubt in her mind she would beat it and be back to fabulous in no time! She is the kind of person who knows what she wants and knows how to get it whilst being perfectly lovely to everyone!

My Dad – Always has confidence in me especially when I lacked my own. He is my own personal Brian Cox, there is literally nothing this man doesn't know (except how to make clothes). 

Christopher Blower (my boyfriend) – He is constantly wanting to learn, new information, skills, guitar riffs. He is persistently positive and supportive and must always be the best he can be.

Lisa Kay of ‘Vintage Belle candles’ – I met her at a Vintage fair in Altrinham a couple of weeks ago, she makes gorgeous smelling candles in vintage teacups and glasses, she was so lovely and happy. She is amazing. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Belle-Candles-By-Lisa-Kay/210309255658192

Kirsty Allsop – I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! Even though she steals my ideas. I just love how she embraces her body, her quirks and her personal style. She is like a kindred spirit.

And all my wonderful friends!

I am also inspired by the 1950’s pin-up girls/posters, it is what I believe is truly sexy, leaving things to the imagination, showing just a little and not too much.

  • Top 3 on your wish list right now?

1) An Overlocker
2) An Iphone

  • Tell us your best/ funniest joke…………go on its Friday!

This is mega tough! Erm, the one I always break out is;
What kind of bee produces milk? A Boobee

  • What do you have planned for this weekend?

Every weekend is a wonderful and mysterious adventure which I love to be surprised by. Which is a poetic way of saying nothing, until I make last minute plans with friends or Chris.

  • Finally (thank Chrunchie) what give’s you that ‘Friday-Feeling’?

Hmmmm, many factors give me that Friday feeling…main one is THE FRIDAY DANCE!!!! My housemate Kate and I jog like a crab on the spot real fast, it’s really something.

Thank you for reading, have a lovely Friday, and weekend!

Lovely stuff,


I hope you've enjoyed reading all about Miss Mower and seeing some of her wonderful creations........we'd love to hear your thoughts..................

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Chloe to sharing all of this with us, and also to take this opportunity to wish her the best of luck with her business which I'm sure will only go from strength to strength.

Have a fab weekend all!
Love Kate x

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