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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wedding Wonder of the Week: Real Vintage Wedding Invitation!!!


Today as my Wedding Wonder of the Week I have a real treat.

A genuine 1940's wedding invitation!!!!

My mum found her dad's old chest FULL of memories in the form of real cards, letters and invitations! Luckily my mum knows how obsessed I am with all things stationery and has let me borrow them for a while. Today I am sharing with you my Mum's Mum & Dad's actual Wedding Invitation from 1943! So a real vintage find! Even the embossed detail of the manufactures name is beautiful.
There is also a tiny card that I think may have been given with a piece of cake - like today's favours. The detail on this is incredible - embossed and intricately cut, stunning!

I am so inspired by these finds that I will be designing a new range of vintage Wedding Stationery to add to my Kate Lewis Design collection............so watch this space!

Photographs © Kate Lewis Design
 Hope you have enjoyed a little of my family history.

Love Kate x


  1. I have these from my own parents wedding.....agree that they are stunning & they seem to hold a whole different meaning to what we see nowadays. Am sure your new vintage range will be a fabulous success & will re-ignite what the 'old days' stood for!!

  2. Thanks Miki - I'm looking forward to designing the new range........just find time! xx


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