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Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday Feature! Strawberry Hills

It's Friday Whoopee!!!!

Today's Friday Feature is a real little gem I found via Twitter one day, and despite the coldness of the winter looming in Strawberry Hills makes me want to up sticks and go 'glamping' for the weekend!!! Just take a look for yourself I'm sure you'll agree - THIS is how to do camping!

  • About you......who you are, what you like, what you don’t like…. Basically anything you want to share 
We are a husband and wife team, Ed and Gemma, who were inspired to start up our little business after a desire to inject some luxury into the 'outdoor' lifestyle!

Despite the fact we live in the urban sprawl in the Midlands, we love camping and picnicking and generally getting back to nature! Ed dragged me kicking and screaming on a camping trip, early in our relationship. Despite my initial reaction (what no hair straighteners!), I absolutely loved the tranquillity and was hooked.

  • About your company......when, why and how you started, what your company does and why it does it best, where can we find you......
Strawberry Hills was born after we found it really difficult to find good quality, yet beautiful and stylish products to take away on our little trips. Our signature product is our fab canvas bell tent, with it's vintage good looks, as well as our accessories including lovely baskets and lanterns.

We started to get lots of enquiries from brides and grooms about our products and so launched Wedding Bells, earlier this year, where we help create a wedding festival by hiring out our fully furnished tents, for the ultimate in luxury camping. Our brides and grooms love the fact they can continue their celebrations by having their dearest friends sleep under the stars at their venue.

Do take a look at our website www.strawberryhills.co.uk or email us at info@strawberryhills.co.uk.
You can also find Strawberry Hills tweeting away on Twitter.

  • What or who inspires you?
We are inspired to think our products are helping people to create a fabulous experience in the outdoors, be it a rustic wedding celebration or a glamping trip!

  • Top 3 on your wish list right now?
1) To get our chimney working in our Victorian house, so we can have an open fire this winter.
2) To find the 'wow' wedding dress for my best friend who is getting married next year.
3) To find a snuggly, grey cashmere cardigan... I'm still looking for the right one.

  • What do you have planned for this weekend?
Wedding dress hunting with the bride to be and going for a really long walk kicking up the autumn leaves on the ground as we go!

  • Finally (thank Chrunchie) what give’s you that ‘Friday-Feeling’?
A crisp, cold G and T!

I hope you're inspired to get the bunting out, make a fire and toast some marshmallows?......bit cold right now maybe?! But it's got to be on your spring 'to do' list surely!!!! Big thanks to Gemma for taking the time to do this feature x x

I love this gorgeous company, I'd love to know your thoughts too...................

Have a Happy Friday and a lovely weekend.
Love Kate x

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, it is lovely to hear support for our mission to inject some style into camping! xx
    Strawberry Hills


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